Monday, December 5, 2011

Bullying Sucks

I recently watched this video and posted it on my Facebook shortly after it went viral. It conjured up many emotions, as hurtful memories from childhood of being bullied and being a bully flooded my mind.

What I found interesting though was how quickly some people brushed off this video due to rumours that this was just some kid who was lying and making a mocking video to get attention.

FYI, he isn't a fake, and glad to know he is doing much better.

BUT, if this was a stunt, will the received message change? Bullying is a problem, and it sucks. There are kids cutting themselves, and they are living with physical and emotional scars.

Some people have courage to share their story with the world with a good heart in hope that someone is listening. Others just want the attention, to be funny, to laugh. Regardless if whichever it is, what has happened in the course of this viral video is that the message remains the same: bullying sucks.

Bullying sucks.


  1. wow, that is both very powerful and really, really sad. thanks for sharing; i think this would be a powerful tool to spark discussion in schools. did you watch the after, follow-up video to this? where he is chatting into the camera with a friend? to be honest, i found it a bit shallow and it really threw me off. watch it if you haven't and let me know what you think.

  2. I did watch that video, it is actually what prompted me to write this post. The lesson in this is to remind ourselves that bullying should not be tolerated.

    Here is an excellent article about Dalton McGuinty's own view on bullying

    I agree with many of his points, and that although bullying may never completely go away, there needs to be an education and social reform about the issue.